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ReadSay PROnounce ReadSay PROnounce English System

The world's first handheld speech pronunciation and reading literacy system listens to spoken reading and diagnoses pronunciation, to help adults and children learn to speak and read English. The PROnounce System includes a small but full-powered pocket-sized PDA, helping to maximize the time available for learning and the ease of operation during immersion study.


  • ReadSay PROnounce software
    • One-key spoken phrase analysis with customizable scoring and feedback
    • One-key word-by-word mispronunciation diagnosis at the phoneme level
    • Detailed comparison of any phoneme(s) with any set of alternatives
    • Using Sensory Fluent Speech recognition
  • Pocket PC 2003 PDA: ASUS MyPal A620 or better (others available upon arrangement; inquiries welcome. Because microphone characteristics must be calibrated, PROnounce software is not sold separately.)
      three forms of handwriting recognition; on-screen keyboard; word processing with spelling check; word prediction; MP3 player; full-motion high-resolution video player; stylus drawing; spreadsheet; calendar; to-do list manager; contact manager; email; web browser; Microsoft Pocket PC / Windows CE 4.2 software; 400 MHz; 64 MB; compact flash expansion card socket
  • 127,000+ word PDA pronunciation dictionary based on CMUdict with Worldbet (ASCII IPA) phonemes
  • Worldbet (ASCII IPA) phoneme quick reference guide for American English
  • Instruction Manual on PDA and hardcopy: table of contents
  • Starter phrase libraries based on Aesop's Fables selected for phonetic and vocabulary coverage, with audio recordings
  • Web, email, and optional physical subscription access to upgrades and additional ReadSay Phrase libraries
  • Tcl/Tk extension scriptability
  • 30-day warranty return policy

SayRead "PROnounce helps correct my English to speak clearly."
-- adult EFL learner

"It makes the words red when I say them wrong."
-- bilingual user, age 5

Compare ReadSay PROnounce to all other language learning systems using speech recognition....

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ReadSay Literacy

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Currently only American English pronunciations are available. Support for standard English pronunciation in the U.K. and India is expected in 2005. Please email with subject "British English" if you would like to be informed of the availability.

Internationalizationized Unicode and/or audio prompts, special needs features, and other customizations are available upon request.

Sample Displays

Instruction Manual Contents

Introduction ~ Running PROnounce ~ Loading Phrase Libraries ~ Pronunciation Key ~~ The Phonetic Alphabet [quick reference included] ~~ Tapping on Words ~~ How to Find Good Examples of Pronunciation ~ Reading Out Loud ~ Your Phrase Score ~ Other Phrases ~ Pronunciation Diagnostics ~~ Acoustic Scores ~~ Durational Scores ~~ Misrecognized Words ~~ Misrecognized Phonemes ~ Phoneme Comparison ~ Pronunciation Adaptation ~ Parameters ~ Autonormalization ~ Saving Adapted Phrase Libraries ~ How to Request New Phrase Libraries ~ How to Get Help ~ Using the Hardware Buttons ~ Saving Selections ~ FAQ

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